What is this?

This is a fan blog for Mike D’Antoni and Milos Teodosic. Or at least it’ll appear that way with the number of references and YouTube highlight videos that’ll appear throughout newsletter. Here’s two minutes of Milos passing to dramatic music to get you started:

But in all seriousness, you watch a player like Teodosic do those things and it feeds into a whole laundry list of questions: How did Milos become a Serbian passing wizard? What value does that level of playmaking really bring to the table? Would teams win more games if they identified, developed and prioritized elite passing?

This is the line of questioning this newsletter aims to tackle. It’ll ask them, futility attempt to answer them and hopefully shed a little more light on areas that fall outside of the general scope of most basketball conversations. So if you want one-sentence answers when asking “why”, this newsletter might not be for you. But if you want to explore how basketball is a complicated, interconnected sport with so many dynamics at play it’s hard to have much certainty about why things do or don’t work, then sign up!

Who am I?

I am the strangest basketball guy you will ever meet. I played college volleyball, supported myself for a year playing poker and watch videos about the use of tracking shots in film in my spare time. I have trained NBA players and coached high school girls basketball. I am a certified strength coach and have a PhD in Mike D’Antoni’s offensive legacy. I have written for Grantland, RealGM, SportsOnEarth and a host of other websites across the internet.

Even though this isn’t a traditional basketball upbringing, I have valued coming to this game from outside the sport. I also feel grateful that all these random areas of my life have combined into a productive perspective. My writing has informed my training. My training has informed my team coaching. My poker playing has influenced all of it. And, well, you get the drift.

If you’ve followed me on Twitter and read my stuff, I appreciate you still supporting me here! If you don’t know who I am, I apologize in advance for the depressing references to our planet being on fire. But in the end, I hope my eclectic upbringing makes this newsletter something worth your time!

Who is this for?

This is for anyone that likes the following: Sam Cassell’s big balls dance, basketball training concepts, how analytics inform coaching or generally questioning the way things work. My hope is that this newsletter will appeal to strength coaches, basketball coaches, players, passionate fans and generally curious people!

When will it come out?

After the NBA Finals, it should be a Tuesday/Friday release date with occasional quick-hitters should time or circumstance warrant it. And as more people subscribe, I will try to add more content in some form or fashion!